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, Who could come tell him what exactly was happening? Leng Ao’s brain was currently completely blank. He wished that he was invisible so that no one could see his current predicament., He swore to make this crazy woman pay., Ling Xue felt that this woman had seriously gone crazy. These actions of her were practically acts of courting death. However, the sooner this girl got kicked out of Ace Academy, the better it was for her. Ling Xue felt that this girl named Lin Jiajia could go die now. Once she was out of the school, she should just wait for death., Leng Ao was helped up by someone. His facial color was bad and he looked at Ning Shu with a very dark expression in his eyes. He spat words out from between gritted teeth. “Lowly woman, you’ve successfully irked me.”, Ning Shu didn’t bother to pay attention to him and moved to pick her desk up., She had plenty of matters to deal with, she didn’t have the time to pay attention to some damned prince that lived in his own world., Leng Ao was so ticked off by Ning Shu’s attitude that he almost exploded. However, he knew that he had fallen in a disadvantageous position today and dragging this on would simply make it worse. Thus, he lifted his chin arrogantly and walked past in front of Ning Shu, sweeping up a gust of cold wind that caused a person’s heart to chill., Ning Shu knew that she had offended Leng Ao, but she didn’t care. All her attention was focused on Ling Xue., She couldn’t understand what Ling Xue was planning. Why did she suddenly change from a queen to a little white lotus? What exactly was she trying to do?, Ning Shu rubbed the gun at her waist as she looked at Ling Xue who was in front of her., In the following days, Ling Xue targeted Ning Shu even more, making her days in the school increasingly miserable. Ling Xue had thought that Ning Shu would be forced to leave the school. However, unexpectedly, she actually seemed to have taken root in the school. She spent all her days at school – even eating, drinking, **ting, and pissing here., Ling Xue inwardly cursed Ning Shu for having such thick skin. Luckily there was an ample amount of spiritual energy in her body now. However, though there was an ample amount, it was too motley with too many impurities due to the fact that she had absorbed vital energy from too many people. Sometimes, it would take her a lot of effort to use the spiritual energy. It felt as if the energy didn’t truly belong to her., However, Ling Xue didn’t know how to purify this spiritual energy to get rid of the mixed in impurities. At the same time, she could no longer stop absorbing people’s vital energies. There was seriously too little spiritual energy in this world. It was sparse to the point it made people’s balls’ hurt., Right now, Ling Xue felt like it was really a pain in the ass. How did the humans mess the world up like this?, After Leng Ao’s dignity suffered a hit at Ning Shu’s hands last time, he vowed to get even. So afterwards, Leng Ao, a grown man, actually came to bother Ning Shu everyday and fight with her., Ning Shu didn’t bother to be courteous towards a sandbag that sent himself to her door. She made full use of it to train her combat skills. At the very start, Ning Shu still found it a bit difficult. After all, she was a woman. It was obviously difficult for her to fight Leng Ao, who was a meter nine., >That’s about 6.9”, After repeatedly losing face in front of Ning Shu, Leng Ao felt very frustrated and insisted on recovering his dignity. He, a man, had actually gotten beaten by a woman. Moreover, this woman was getting fiercer and fiercer., All the people in Ace had gotten used to it. They’ve gotten used to Leng Ao looking for that lower-class person every day to bother her, then getting beaten by that lower-class woman. After losing, Prince Leng would refuse to accept the result and would come to bother her again the next day., Ning Shu didn’t have the feelings of adoration and reverence towards Leng Ao that the original host, Lin Jiajia did. If he came to bother her, she didn’t bother to be polite at all., Ling Xue really didn’t like the fact that Leng Ao went to find Ning Shu every day. She pulled Leng Ao, who was rushing angrily to find Ning Shu yet again, and said, “Wouldn’t it be resolved if you just expel her? There’s already rumors going around since you look for her every day. They say you two are currently displaying mutual affection.”, “Mutual affection? What!?” Leng Ao didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. He looked at Ling Xue and said resolutely, “I’m doing this for you, to get revenge for you. Expelling her is seriously letting her off too easily.”

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