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Chapter 26 Ride Your Steed, Knightley (6)

The inscriptions were like those youd find at a famous tourist spot.

But this wasnt a tourist site; it was a remote plateau where, long ago, demons had been slaughtered for some unknown reason.

Judging by the lively tone of the messages, it seemed unlikely they were written by demons

The Greatest Special Forces were here!

If it was a special forces unit, it must have been from the Human Alliance, which fought against the Demon Kings Army.

Establishing the Horned Ones Cemetery in memory

This implied that this special forces unit was responsible for slaughtering the demons who came to capture the wild horses.

Our friendship forever!

They must have been very close to each other.

Linus Celine, please get married.

What did this mean? Were there people within the special forces who liked each other?

But the names sounded strangely familiar.

Linus, Linus, Linus

Gasp?! Could it be Sir Linus, the hero who killed the Demon King?

It wasnt a Dragon, but Sir Linus who had been here!

If it was Sir Linus, then everything made sense. He could have single-handedly massacred the demons.

Professors, look at this. Here!

Shh! Theyve appeared!

Just as Knightley was about to share her discovery, Professor Orendi raised his hand.

There, between the plain and the dark forest bordering the mountain range, appeared the wild horses of Brun Plateau.

Knightley, forgetting all about the inscriptions of the famous Hero Party, gaped in awe.

The wild horses, bathed in sunlight streaming through the low clouds, were a picture of beauty.

Their powerful muscles rippled under sleek coats that seemed to shine, and their legs, straight and strong, kicked up the ground as they ran across the plain.

The number of these magnificent horses was roughly thirty, matching what the academy needed.

Knightley, captivated by the elegant movements of the wild horses, snapped back to reality with a sudden realization.

But how do we capture them? Surely were not planning to reuse these old wagons?

Im not that absurd.

Dian chuckled, but Knightley remained skeptical.

Even if the three of you somehow manage to bring them back to the academy, what then?

Dian gestured for her to continue, and Knightley obliged.

True wild horses are extremely difficult to train for riding. Thoroughbreds, for example, go through a process of being accustomed to saddles from a young age.

Professor Anna, the combat riding expert, perked up at the mention of horse training.

If you try to ride a wild horse without proper training, it will buck and fight fiercely, making it impossible to handle. And the students arent professional horse trainers.

Go on, Student Knightley

Anna urged her to continue, almost as if she were savoring every word.

Its standard practice to catch foals and train them specifically for their intended use. An untrained horse is useless. Horses are very stubborn creatures, and once habits are formed, they are nearly impossible to change.

When she finished speaking, Anna smacked her lips as if savoring a tasty morsel.

You know quite a lot about horses? Have you always been interested in this field?

I learned about it while taking riding lessons as a child, listening to the stablekeepers. I have no intention of pursuing it as a career.

Ah, yes But youve overlooked something

Anna, looking disappointed, hunched back down.

The wild horses of Brun Plateau are different from normal horses

How so?

They live in tightly-knit herds led by a dominant horse Their bond and loyalty to the leader are extraordinary They survive in this isolated and harsh environment So, in some ways, theyre easier to tame compared to other wild horses Because

Knightley ventured a guess based on Annas explanation.

Because if you subdue the leader, the rest will follow?

Exactly! But even so, those high-quality horses remain wild because

Because it takes immense effort to come up here and subdue the leader.

Gasp?! You might have a talent for this After graduation, maybe you could

Is that the leader by any chance?

Just then, Orendi pointed towards a stunning sight.

Among the wild horses stood a magnificent, pure white stallion, its coat gleaming like eternal snow.

The horse was much larger than the others, with a long, flowing mane that looked like a crown fit for a king.

Thats the leader.

Peering through the wagon, Dian spoke up.

If we can bring that one down, the rest will submit.

But that wont be easy. One kick from that thing, and youre dead. What kind of horse is that big?

Staring at the regal stallion, Orendi asked.

Should we use magic?

No The horse could get hurt, and more importantly It must be done with physical strength and skill

Then its time for our combat riding expert, Professor Anna, to take the stage.

No. Knightley will do it.

Dians declaration was met with shocked stares.

What did you say?

Knightley will subdue the leader. Thats todays private lesson.

But, Head Professor Thats too dangerous

As the professors expressed their concern, Knightley could only stare at Dian, speechless.

Me? Ride that?

Yes, Knightley. You will ride it.

But thats.

Knightley looked over Dians shoulder at the leader horse again.

It was massive, unlike any horse she had ever seen, almost like a crossbreed between an Ogre and a Troll.

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Knightley hesitated, her lips moving slightly before she finally exclaimed quietly.

Theres no way in hell I can suddenly ride that!

Youve already mastered the basics of horseback riding. Didnt you say you wanted to become a member of the special forces? In the field, you might have to steal a horse or, like today, capture a wild one.

Dian said seriously.

If you can subdue that leader, youll be able to ride any horse in the world. Just imagine that horse as your own steed.


Ride your steed, Knightley.

At Dians words, Knightley hung her head.

Its too much

Ill be right beside you. Isnt that enough?


Despite her strong self-esteem, Knightley felt she couldnt do this.

If she fell and got trampled by those massive hooves, shed be crushed. If she was lucky, she might die quickly; if not, shed be maimed for life.

The thought terrified her.

It seems it has noticed us.

Orendi said, and they turned to see the leader horse looking in their direction.

If youre not going to ride, go back, Knightley.

At Dians firm words, Orendi looked at Knightley.

Student Knightley. Think about why youre here. You wanted advanced lessons.


Seeing Knightleys hesitation, Dian turned to the other professors.

Anna, Orendi. Lets get ready.


While Anna pulled out ropes from her bag, Orendi and Dian quickly discussed the plan to teleport Anna onto the leader horse.

Left alone, Knightley sank into a deep sense of shame.

She had boasted but never imagined it would come to this.

She should have expected it when she was pushed into that impossible night infiltration mission.

Biting her lip, Knightleys gaze fell upon the inscription she had seen earlier.

The messages left by Sir Linus and his party, the very heroes who had inspired her dreams of becoming a special operative.

If she gave up now she would become nothing.

She might end up as just another government official living an ordinary life, eventually returning to her family.

She could not let that happen!

I must not run away, I must not run away, I must not run away

Ill do it.

As Knightley spoke, the professors, busy with their preparations, turned to her.

Alright then, lets do this.

# # # # #RAd latSt chapters at n(v)e(l)bin/.c/o/m Only

Listen carefully, Student Knightley As soon as you get on its back, loop this rope around its neck

Anna handed the rope to Knightley, explaining.

This rope is your lifeline Ideally, you should also loop it under its belly, but thats going to be tough Just keep it around the neck and hold on tight If you can stay on without falling, thats all you need to do

Got it.

The Head Professor will put a lasso around its neck and weaken it, but you are the key You have to stay on its back no matter what Thats the only way the wild horses of Brun Plateau will submit

Ill try to hold on.

While Anna gave Knightley detailed instructions, Orendi worriedly asked Dian.

Is this really okay?

Itll be fine. She doesnt have to subdue the horse herself, just stay on. She can manage that.

But if she falls, it could be disastrous.

Itll be over in about ten minutes, so that wont happen.

Anna interjected.

How can you be so sure? Itll take at least an hour

Its the intuition of a veteran whos crossed the line of fire many times. Lets begin.

With everything ready, Orendi conjured blue mana into his hands.

Knightley. On the count of three, youll be teleported onto the horses back. Youll have no time to prepare, so act immediately.


Alright, here we go. One, two, three!

Suddenly, the massive, white back of the leader horse was in front of her.

Knightley quickly looped the rope around the horses neck and squeezed its body tightly with her legs.

The horse, startled by the sudden rider, bucked and thrashed wildly.

Even under normal circumstances, a horse is powerful, and this leader horse, now enraged, was almost impossible to handle. Knightley was flung about like a rag doll.

As the leader horse panicked, the rest of the herd scattered in fear. Meanwhile, Dian watched Knightley with his arms crossed.

Head Professor! What are you doing?! Throw the lasso!

Anna and Orendi shouted, but Dian remained motionless, the lasso still draped over his shoulder.

Knightley clung desperately to the horses neck and back, gritting her teeth.

That damned professor! Why isnt he throwing the lasso?!

What?! He said he would help, but now hes just standing there with his arms crossed!!

Hurry up, professor!!

Hang in there, Knightley~~~!

You crazy bastard!!!!!

Im an idiot for believing him twice!!!!!!!!

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