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Owen, an ordinary high school student at Saint Aya Academy, finds himself and his classmates mysteriously transported to a world filled with magic and bizarre creatures during a school event.In this world, arcanergy saturates the land, and all intelligent beings can harness it.The more adept one is at utilizing arcanergy, the more noble their race is considered.Upon arriving on this new continent, the students from Saint Aya Academy immediately attract the attention of various powers.They are referred to as Saints and are chosen by powerful races to be groomed as successors.However, Owen seems to be as inconspicuous here as he was at school, with no races showing interest in him.Even as his classmates find their places, no one extends an olive branch to Owen.Just when everyone thinks he will be left behind, a dragon's roar echoes across the sky.The ancient and mighty Dragon race, in an unprecedented gesture of high ceremony, has the twelve Great Dragon Elders personally welcome Owen, choosing him as the \